• Frequently Asked Questions

    • How Do I Choose The Right Electrician?

      There are many factors that can help you decide how to choose the right electrician. Every project and every customer has different needs and wants. There are a few questions to ask when thinking of hiring an electrician.

      1. How quickly do you need your project done? Depending on the size of your project this is an important question to ask. Larger projects such as home remodels or service meter changes are projects that take time to complete and are best pre planned.

      2. Which electricians are in my service area? This can be an important question to ask. When there is a local electrician nearby there is a higher likelihood they can complete your project quicker and know the local codes and ordinances.

      3. Is this project in my budget right now? This could be one of the most important questions to ask. Electrical projects vary depending on the situation of each customer’s home. Check out our pricing section to see if there is a service listed there that you are looking to have done and if not give us a call and we can share typical pricing with you.

    • Are You Licensed?
      Momentum Electric LLC is fully licensed and insured. We are a residential electrical contractor and have all state licenses and insurance needed to operate. All of our technicians are licensed electricians.
    • When Should I Call an Electrician?
      If you have a circuit breaker tripping, outlets not working, or any other issue inside or outside your home calling an electrician can help secure your safety in the home. Planning for large projects or scheduling a smaller project is also another great time to call to help get the ball rolling.
    • Will You Provide an Estimate?
      Momentum Electric provides free over the phone estimates! Simply email or text photos of your project to us and we can give you an estimate based off of the pictures directly. If you have a larger project that needs an on site consultation, we offer this service as well for $150 which includes a written estimate and site visit. This is waved if a deposit check is collected on the site visit.
    • When do I need to change my Electrical Panel?
      If your house is over 40-50 years old, It may not be a bad idea to upgrade your electrical panel. Circuit breakers overtime from tripping and allowing loads to go through them weaken and can cause issues with your electrical panel. Some electrical panel styles are also known for causing fires, such as Federal Pacific and Pushmatic. Call today with any questions on your electrical panel to ensure the safety of your home.