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Why Any Reputable Electrician Must Be Licensed

a guy wearing a white hard hat working on an electrical panel

While there are some parts of our world where amateurs or those without professional training can still be of help, there are also those there this concept doesn’t apply whatsoever – and many electrical jobs or needs are great examples of this latter area. Most electrical jobs will carry major safety and related risks if they’re attempted by non-professionals, and one key element of ensuring quality in this area is ensuring you only hire licensed electricians for such needs. 

When you call on us at Momentum Electric for any of your West Jordan electrical needs, you can rest easy knowing we only hire fully licensed electricians for all of our services – which range from electrical panels and service equipment to EV charger installation, cord management solutions and much more. Here are some of the key reasons why you should never work with any electrician who is not licensed, plus the major benefits of exclusively utilizing licensed professionals.


First and foremost, a licensed electrician is one who is fully trained, certified and qualified to ensure the safety of any electrical job they are doing. Unlike an amateur or someone who claims to be an expert but isn’t actually certified for the work, a licensed electrician will have vast knowledge about what kind of wiring needs to go where and how best to handle any potential hazardous electrical current or situations.

Without training, there are numerous potential hazards that could arise from any electrical job. These range from potential electric shocks to fires starting up due to improper wiring. When working with a licensed professional, you can rest easy knowing that all work will be done in accordance with safety standards and regulations, thus keeping your home or business safe from any of these hazards.

Experience With Your Project Needs

Another key benefit of licensed electricians is the years of experience they bring to the table. A certified electrician will know exactly what kind of wiring, technique and materials need to be used for any job or project you might have. This knowledge and expertise comes from years in the field and handling various unique electrical needs – making them a key resource when it comes time to handle your project.

For instance, let’s say you require a complex wiring job in order to install an EV charger in your garage. With licensed electricians, they will understand the steps that need to be taken and have the right training and experience to make sure it’s done correctly – whereas someone without proper certification or training could struggle with such a task and leave it unfinished or put together incorrectly, costing you far more in the long run.

Permits and Inspections

There are many cases where you’ll need to acquire permits or inspections for an electrical job, such as hooking up a new panel to your house. Licensed electricians are familiar with the process and will know how best to handle it so that everything is in order – ensuring the job is done correctly and meets the necessary standards of safety.

On the flip side, if you don’t hire a licensed electrician and instead opt for someone who isn’t certified, you could be liable if something goes wrong. This is because they likely won’t know the legal requirements when it comes to permits and inspections, making your project non-compliant with local regulations.

Liability and Other Insurance Coverage

Another requirement of any licensed electrician is to have adequate insurance coverage. This ensures that if something does go wrong during the course of their work, you won’t be on the hook for any damages caused due to negligence or other issues.

In the event a non-licensed electrician was hired and an accident occurred, it would be up to you as the employer to pay for any damages or related medical costs. By contrast, when you hire a licensed electrician, their insurance will be responsible for such matters – offering you peace of mind and the assurance that your finances aren’t at risk in case of an accident.

Saving You Time and Money

Furthermore, when it comes to saving you money, a licensed electrician will often be able to get the job done in less time and with higher efficiency than those who don’t have proper certification. This is due to the years of experience they bring to the table, allowing them to quickly identify any potential issues or problems that could arise.

What’s more, they will also be able to use the best materials and most cost-effective methods to ensure that your project is done correctly. All in all, this combination of time and cost savings can add up over time, making them a long-term financial value as well.

When it comes to any electrical needs or projects you may have, it’s important to remember that hiring only licensed electricians is a key part of ensuring quality and safety. From the experience and expertise they bring to the table, to their ability to acquire permits and inspections with ease – these professionals are essential when it comes time to handle any of your electrical needs.

For more here, or to learn about any of our robust, fully-licensed electrical services for clients around West Jordan, contact our team at Momentum Electric today.